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A New Autonomic Nerve Regulating Therapy

International Association of Ryodoraku Medical Science

Welcome to Home Page of International Association of Ryodoraku Medical Science (IARMS)
(社) 国際良導絡医学会のホームページへようこそ!

Here we have announced information about the Ryodoraku autonomous nerve medicine.

Topics お知らせtopics

The introduction of "Papers and Abstracts Useful for Ryodoraku Research" has started on the newsletter page. In addition, electric needles, autonomic nerves, etc. will be posted in the future. Please make use of it. Brief summary and the translated version are also being produced in the member's corner. Please look forward to it. Japanese Series

Upcoming Events 今後の行事

Cancellation of WEB holding postponed WEB開催中止/延期
Notice of IARMS Annual Workshop lectures and technical seminars (held online). Please see this Information for details.
(社) 国際良導絡医学会主催 ワークショップ講演とテクニカルセミナー(WEB開催)のお知らせ. 詳細はこちらの案内にて掲載してします。

Notification 通知

IARMS started the member (Regular / Associate/ Support etc.) recruitment, and the details please refer to enrollment Admission guidance.
IARMS has published new medical journals (Ryodoraku Medicine and Stimulus Therapy). Therefore, our editor and peer reviewer will continue to research papers (Original, Investigate, Review, Case report), articles ( News etc.) ; Call for paper. This medical journal is irregularly published, and after reaching a certain number of papers, we will produce medical journals made of paper and distribute them to our members and information facilities (such as libraries). The electronic version can be viewed on the ( Journal ) page immediately.
(社) 国際良導絡医学会は新しい医学雑誌(良導絡医学と刺激療法)を発行しました。我々の編集・査読部は引き続き研究論文(原著・調査・総説・症例報告)、記事(ニュースなど)を募集します。この医学雑誌は不定期に発行されます。一定の論文数に達した後、紙誌を制作し、会員および情報機関(図書館など)に配布します。なお、電子版は雑誌 ( Journal ) ページにてすぐ閲覧できます。

News 新着情報news

Featured Paper 論文紹介
Regulatory effect by the thermal stimulation on the excitation and/or suppression point in Ryodoraku that show(s) deviation from the normal range on Ryodoraku (Meridian) Chart - Effect of electronic thermal stimulation device (electronic moxa) especially on excitable point -
(対訳) 良導絡(経絡)チャートの正常域から逸脱を示す良導絡の興奮点および抑制点に対する熱刺激の調整効果 - とくに興奮点に対する電子式熱刺激装置(電子灸)の作用について -
By : Masaki HAYASHI, 著 : 林 正貴
journal 雑誌

Headquarters / Secretariat
法人本部 / 事務局

c/o IARMS in Nakane Toshie Rehabilitation Internal Medicine Pediatric Clinic, 10-2-1 Minami 32 Jyo-Nishi 10 chome, Minami-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, 005-0032, JAPAN.

北海道札幌市南区南32条西10-2-1 中根敏得リハビリテーション内科小児科医院内 QR of IARMS