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A New Autonomic Nerve Regulating Therapy

Ryodoraku Medicine and Stimulus Therapy 良導絡医学と刺激療法

"Ryodoraku Medicine and Stimulation Therapy" : The Official Journal of International Association of Ryodoraku Medical Science (IARMS). The electronic version of the paper is free access for six months from the issue date. After that, however, only abstracts are free, and the full texts are members only.

Ryodoraku Medicine and Stimulation Therapy : Vol.1
良導絡医学と刺激療法 : 創刊号

Review 総説

A Guide for Application of Ryodoraku Autonomous Nerve Regulatory Therapy
(対訳) 良導絡自律神経調整療法をこれから行なう医師のために

By : Yoshio NAKATANI MD,PhD, Tetsuo OISO MD,PhD
Revised editor : Toshie NAKANE MD,PhD, Hirohisa ODA LAc,PhD, Rie NAKANE MD, Hiroshi ENDO LAc,PhD.
著 : 中谷義雄・大磯泰啓,
改訂編著 : 中根敏得(代表)・小田博久・中根理江・遠藤 宏

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Clinical Report 症例研究

A Case Study:
Immediate Ef-fects of Dry Needling with Direct Current on a Patient with Anterior Knee Pain

(対訳) 直流電気を用いたドライニードルにより即効性をみた前膝痛の一症例

By : Yiu Ming WONG Ph.D.
Health Science Unit (PEC), Hong Kong Physical-ly Handicapped & Able Bodied Associa-tion, Hong Kong
著 : 黃 耀明, 香港 障害者・健常者協会 健康科学科

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Secretariat 事務局

Professor's office 3301, Kurashiki University of Science and The Arts.
2640 Tsurajimamachi NishinoUra, Kurashiki Okayama, 712-8505 JAPAN.

倉敷芸術科学大学 3301研究室