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A New Autonomic Nerve Regulating Therapy


Past newspaper columns 過去の新聞コラム


~ Series ~
Dr. Yoshio NAKATANI's Ryodoraku Examination Room

~ 連載 ~ 中谷義雄先生 良導絡診察室

This is a lot of interesting clinical experience of the late Dr. Yoshio Nakatani. これは故中谷義雄博士の興味深い多くの臨床経験例である。

This dedicated site is here. この専用サイトはこちらです。
(The language is Japanese and we are looking for volunteers for English translation) (言語は日本語であり、英訳ボランティアを募集中)

Electrical Acupuncture 電気針


Effects of Dry Needling with Direct Current on Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Yiu Ming WONG, PhD
Health Science Unit (PEC) Hong Kong Physically Handicapped & Able Bodied Association S102, G/F, Lai Lo House, Lai Kok Estate Shamshuipo, Kowloon HONG KONG
Tel: (852) 2351 7762

黃耀明 博士
香港傷健協會 九龍深水埗麗閣村麗蘿樓地下S102室 香港

Brief report is here
(This brief report was originally published in Medical Acupuncture, Vol 29, No 1, 2017.)

Pain Management 疼痛管理


Under Construction

Ryodoraku Meridian 良導絡


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Autonomic Nerve Activity 自律神経活動


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Secretariat 事務局

Professor's office 3301, Kurashiki University of Science and The Arts.
2640 Tsurajimamachi NishinoUra, Kurashiki Okayama, 712-8505 JAPAN.

倉敷芸術科学大学 3301研究室